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Originally Posted by Louis Wambsganss View Post
I don't pray for anything. I'm an Engineer.

Of all the tires I have owned, only these Z8s have caused me any issues. I have even had other Metzelers (ME880s) without any issues.

I have had the rear fishtail on clean concrete on a warm day in a sweeping turn, nowhere near maximum lean or high throttle input, in the middle of a couple-hour-long ride (not cold tires). No sand, oil, or debris on the road. Just extending into the chicken strips further than before on new tires. As can be seen on my previous post with the pic, I was not anywhere near the edge of the tire.

I have not fallen or crashed due to this, just felt the fishing, puckered up for a second, and continued on. I can certainly believe others who have had similar experiences with similar or worse outcomes.
Welcome to riding on two wheels vs having four and three others to compensate when one loses traction.

Tires get hot, very hot, the more you ride they will actually "sweat" oil, this is something you will see on track tires where it looks as if the rubber is actually lava and melting.

You as an engineer aught to take some time, read books, do a couple track days, take a couple classes and start finding out what happened.
You never will know until you take a look at this like an engineer, do not take peoples advice who are busy perpetuating old wives tales.
Tell me, in whatever kind of engineering you are in, how much would get done if this is how people tried to build something?
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