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Originally Posted by L.B.S. View Post
Yes, yes you are.

To even start this thread with such patronizing condescension, screams arrogance.
Agreed. To make a statement such as, and I quote, "There is absolutely no truth whatsoever to the "slick" new tires" is very arrogant. That claim asserts that you are smarter and more skilled than every single person in the history of motorcycle tires who has claimed that new tires are slick, for any reason. That is statistically improbable.

I have ridden multiple bikes year-round in dry sub-freezing conditions, and warmer wet conditions. My only experience with a tire getting 'squirrelly" for no apparent reason was on a new tire, leaning slowly into the chicken strips.

Plenty of other riders on this forum (in this post and in multiple others) and on other forums all report similar stories. It is a possibility that the OP is a god among motorcyclists and everyone else is an idiot. However, that is a very remote possibility. What is much more likely is that there is some truth to the recurring situations.

If you rule out road surface conditions, ambient conditions, and bike control inputs, you are left with tire surface friction (or maybe invisible goblins mysteriously ejaculating into the contact patch).
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