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There seems to be a common trait among some of these reports, and that is Metzeler Tires. I've had Metz ME880s without issue. They would break traction gradually and in a controlled manner, but that was probably close to 10 years ago. The Z8s I have now are the only one's that have given me issues.

My Z8's tossed me on my ass 5' past the exit out of the Dealer's lot, on my brand new, 0 mile bike.

I nearly had it happen again minutes later, when I left the lot turning left this time, instead of right! You believe me I hope, when I tell you I was freaked out after the initial binning, so I was beyond careful leaving the second time, and Auuuuugh! Almost again!? WTF!

This was the first time this has ever happened to me in over 40+ years of riding, 22 motorcycles, nearly a million km's travelled all over the continent, and uncountable number of new tires.

In the past, I've always taken care to gingerly make my way home to give the new tires a good scrubbing, or been extremely careful about the first several miles. Some have been a bit twitchy and slippery, others felt pretty grippy straight away. I've had lots and lots of happy dealings with other Metzeler tires.

These tires felt like they were dipped in fricking Armor All, and then slathered in axle grease! I didn't even have the chance to carefully go a few feet, before *crash*.

The Metz Z6's on my previous BMW felt just fine. I never noted the slightest issue with those. I would have given them 9 out of 10 if they had a better method to indicate tread wear at the centre of the rear tire, which the Z8's appeared to have addressed with the new lateral grooves in the design. I was looking forward to many happy miles on them.

Was this all my fault? Absolutely, I cop full blame, no one but me to point the finger at. I know what I know though. I regret not scuffing up the tires prior to leaving the dealer.
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