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Ok, help me out Tuna. I didn't understand what you were saying. You don't use a mold release agent but then you said you sprayed silicone on all surfaces of the tires. When in the process does this get done? Why do you do it? Is it on the tire when it leaves your factory? I'm not trying to be a smart ass I really want to understand.

In my work life I worked in a plant that molded plastics and urethane foam products. When these materials hit a polished mold surface they developed a "skim" on the surface of the product. This "skim" had a different coefficient of friction because it was "polished" by surface tension. Think of this like bread. It's all the same dough but the crust is decidedly different than the bubbled inner core. I'm suggesting the slippery MC tire, if not coated by a release agent or preservative, is slippery due to the surface tension of the molded rubber. Once scuffed free of this "skim" the tire bites the road better. Rubber compounding is a science and differs from tire to tire. Some tires need more scuffing than others.

Long story short I scuff tires.
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