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Originally Posted by RRM707 View Post
Having roadraced for over 10 years, I second this......

It's not "opinion" that new tires are slippery, it's a fact.

I've been through probably 1000 sets of tires......
Well, if you have road raced for 10 years and and you are from CT, then I know you and have seen you race a lot. If you were a front runner, I might have even scored you. At least if you did it since 1998. From the Green Flag, my riders hit turn one on sticker Dunlops every race once they turned Pro. One season we ran Pirelli's. Still hit T1 as hard as they could. So does every other top rider with either a tire contract or a tire budget to mount sticker tires every start. So how are those new tires slippery? It doesn't matter the track. Every guy up front hits turn one from the green flag as hard as he or she can; Loudon, NJMP, Summit Point, VIR, Daytona or wherever.

People will complain that race tires are different then street tires. True; Street tires are softer and heat up much faster. But unlike race tires, they are not heated before use. Still, nobody is going to crash because the street tire isn't scuffed in. That stopped in the middle 90's.
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