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Originally Posted by MT Wallet View Post
"Look You mean well, and I fully appreciate the link, however clearly your knowledge is pretty limited on this, so I invite you just as others on here
At some point to take the time to do a couple of track days, again, you will be amazed at how much you do not know and get this, you can run whatever tire you want."
I've seen some condescending and patronizing remarks by many people of all stripes but pal, you take the cake. You're obviously looking for some kind of acknowledgement for something. Do you think you're famous or just some sad poser who wishes he was. I usually don't get offended by much but your arrogant attitude is offensive. Nobody's opinion or experience or even a manufacturer can trump your vast name dropping self serving crap. Feel free to kiss my tire scuffing ass.
Yea, thats it, My goal on here was just to be a total prick and not to help dispel a bullshit myth that does not allow people to be better riders.
As long as you keep making excuses they will continue to suffer.

Take a moment from your very important life and look up the definition for the following word:


Now I'm going to make an assumption about you. You are a darksider, which is why your tires don't need scrubbing in.
I KNOW what I need to do in regard to my tires, which has been posted up here in various aspects, I have not made idiotic assumptions Since I took my first track day and learned from those more knowledgeable than myself. A place where assumptions get you on your side.

But I guess this means ya'll are afraid to go for real and have the myth dispelled? That is fine, be ignorant it is a good place for fools

Yes. When new tires are fitted, they need to be run in for the first 60 miles or so, gradually increasing the lean of the bike and keeping to a moderate speed before the tire reaches optimum performance.

Use extreme caution when riding on new tires.
Avoid sudden acceleration,maximum braking,and hard cornering for first 100 miles.

For optimum performance, new tyres should be ridden on cautiously for the first 100-200 km. During this run-in period sudden acceleration, heavy braking, and hard cornering must be avoided.

In fact, Pirelli is the only manufacturer from whom I could not find a specific statement about new tire break-in procedures. Either Pirelli does something during construction that no other manufacturer does, or they just don't make mention of break-in and assume that their dealer network will inform riders.
Congratulations nancy sue, for confirming that yes, everyone aught to be careful as I stated before, not because of slick tires, but because get this, an entirely new riding profile, Rocket science, clearly you are not one.
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