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Dunlop mentions an acclamation period for the rider to get used to the profile of a new tire. The three I quoted specifically make mention of breaking in the tire, not the rider.

No one here is saying you are wrong about a cold tire having less grip than a tire at optimum temperature. That certainly is a valid consideration. As is the need for the rider to get used to the profile of new tires.

The problem is that you are completely dismissing anyone and everyone who says anything about surface film or abrasion playing a part at times.

If you had an altruistic intent here to inform the rest of us peons of the massive knowledge gained on your first track day, you have gone about it in a terribly inefficient manner. Your name calling, personal attacks, arrogance, condescension, and refusal to even consider any evidence to the contrary of your pre-formed opinion have alienated anyone who may have listened to you if you had presented your ideas in a thoughtful manner.

Regardless of the way you delivered your opinion, I feel that there is sufficient evidence to debunk it. Yes, cold tires can be slick. Yes, new tires feel different than old tires. But at least some new tires can also benefit from a few easy miles to remove any possible surface coatings and establish a uniform surface roughness that interacts well with road surfaces.

It only takes a single case to the contrary to disprove the kind of absolute statements you have been making. The rest of us have provided several.
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