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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the great comments, I have stolen a few for the facebook page, hope you don't mind.

Anyone over in East Europe and Africa, please check your Discovery World / DSTV TV Guide.

Dream Racer started playing in Iceland, Finland, and East Europe -- Bosnia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovania as well as whole of Africa (50 countries).

Schedule for Africa is between 20 - 31 December, playing tonight at 17:35 local time Sunday 22 Dec on DSTV.

This is the short and clean 55' TV version, if you want the whole story, then head over to for the full 93' version (exact same that played at the Cinemas across Australia), you can buy the DVD or Blu-Ray, or watch it online via the Video-on-Demand section of the website.

We also have a fun album going on on the facebook page with people posing with their copy of Dream Racer, a bit like Stanley-Around-The World. So send over your pics (don't be shy). The winner will win something....not sure what or when yet, but I am thinking something in the lines of strong emotions, suggestions???

Don't forget to leave plenty of great comments, this is word-of-mouth advertising at its best ... happening now!

I received a great comment yesterday from a viewer suggesting this marketing tag line for Dream Racer "When are u going to start living you're dreams?"

Merry Christmas to all...
Dream Racer - Multi-Award Winning Dakar Film
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