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3. Well well sanding my tires has worked so far
Really? So your comparison to riding a tire without scrubbing how now?

Years ago ( pre -internet) I did not clean my tires at all prior to riding;one day while having fresh rubber installed at a Dealer I noticed the tech take the freshly mounted tires out the back door so I followed. There he had a bucket of soapy water and a stiff bristled brush. We talked and he mentioned this was SOP but that he, personally, took it a step further and hit his own tires with a sanding disk before riding.

When I began changing my own, I simply followed suit through many tires,miles & smiles; again, so far it has worked.

Anyone who has ridden on the street knows what to expect from fresh rubber. It seems your experience differs 100%-good for you, stick with it. The rest of us will stick with our method.

What, exactly, is it you need to hear in regard to this topic?
I'll tell you what I hear-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, look at me.


Out of curiosity-how long have you been riding?

I'll go first-30 years.
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