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Originally Posted by TheBlurr View Post

Now lets go over the reasons people think he is wrong

1. most popular "My trusted mechanic said so"
Ok so where did he get his information? Oh thats right he heard it and carried it forth as well,

2. Well my tires feel slick
I addressed that earlier as well as the mental aspect

3. Well well sanding my tires has worked so far
Really? So your comparison to riding a tire without scrubbing how now?

4. My rear end slid out on me once 2 HOURS after I started riding, it had to be the film on the side of the tire, there is no other reason

5. The person(s) in this thread directly involved with current modern tire manufacturing who know mold release agents are still used.

6. The manufacturers, who give break-in procedures for new DOT street tires.

7. The manufacturers, who offer various preparations for competition tires.

I'm sure it was an accident on your part that you forgot those.
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