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Originally Posted by dmcd View Post
For two weeks each year I go to the IOM TT/ Manx GP. I have watched literally hundreds of riders go off the line with stickers on their new shiny tyres and hit top speed straight away. But if you watch and listen to the on board footage, of which there is many hours on Youtube, they all take it (slightly) easier for the first few corners and miles.

I rate their "real road racing" opinion, higher than your gravel trap/air fence cosseted track racers and tutors.

But, I do also agree with you that the profile of a new tyre makes a bike feel different, and could mistakenly be blamed on the coating.
ok , on the sticker thing, many if not most here may find this absolutely unbelievable . Racers are superstitious about the stickers, I have been stopped by several racers from pulling the sticker off.
It has been some time since I handled a new Pirelli, so maybe they no longer use mold release agent.But , I can say that new tires are greasy feeling in your hands and on roads for +/- 100 miles . Any one else here seen a tire mold in person ?
May I have the Pirelli engineers name ?
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