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Originally Posted by Tuna Helper View Post
We do spray on a silicon based release agent onto each tire, inside and out, tread and sidewall.
Originally Posted by Tuna Helper View Post
That stuff is likely the mold release. After a couple dozen tires you can see the mold release build up in the mold, and after a couple hundred the mold goes from clean aluminum to dark brown, almost black. It builds up enough that you can see the change in a new tire.
Isn't this basically what we're talking about scrubbing off?
Sounds like it's been confirmed by someone that makes tires, that some do use a release agent, and sometimes it stays on the tires.
Case closed.

Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
I think the best way to settle this is to have a little race of sorts.
Same bikes, TheBlurr with freshly installed tires against someone else with run in tires on a tight and twisty course.
This is the best idea yet.
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Originally Posted by POLLOCK28 (
From what I understand from frequenting various forums you are handling this critisim completely wrong. You are supposed to get bent out of shape and start turning towards personal attacks. Get with the program!
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