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Are you in the mood for some drama??? LOL
Okay, well, my joy at having an empty room above me was short-lived
Yesterday a new guy rented the apartment. My landlord said that the guy was great, didn't smoke or drink and was a soldier. I saw him from a distance and he was pretty skinny so I figured that at least his walking around over my head wouldn't be as noisy seeing as Ken was about twice his size.
My dad called and he had sent me some money to buy new tires, he really was worried about me driving around on the ones that came with the car. It took Walmart 3 hours to get my tires on and the oil changed. I had asked them to replace the windshield wipers as well. So when I got back 2 hours later the tires were on, but no oil change. The oil pressure meter said no oil pressure so they didn't want to change the oil. I had to sign a waver form saying that I knew there was no oil pressure. I'm not sure what that meant, I figured it's just the gage that didn't work. They also didn't put the wipers on, so I ran into the store and bought some wipers and handed them to the woman behind the counter.
Finally an hour later they were done and I drove off, only to discover that they still hadn't put the new wipers on!!! Ahhhh.
So today I'll go back and see what they did with them.
As I got home the new guy was too, and guess what? It was like Ken was back. LOL
He took off a little while later and around 9 someone knocked on my door, I figured it was my landlord dropping off the mail as there was no mail in the mailbox that day. Was I ever surprised to see a cop in front of my door ( a very handsome one I have to admit ) He asked me if there was a Mary living there and I told him upstairs. Turns out she had called the cops because of the new guy, she didn't trust him because he was black! Holy cow that woman is strange!!!

The cop couldn't open the entry door to knock on her door cause she had locked it! He asked if I had heard any sounds of foul play, and I said no. He asked me a few more questions about the new tenant, and other than what my landlord had told me I didn't know. He said he'd be back.

Then around 11 my landlord called me, the new guy couldn't get in, Mary had locked the entry door, and the new guy didn't have a key to it, if I could please grab a broom and knock on the ceiling to wake Mary up to open the door.
So I grabbed my hammer and pounded on the beam near her bed. She woke up for sure and I hollered at her to open the door for the new guy. Strangely enough she did, which I hadn't thought she would. I had to laugh when I heard her pushing away some heavy furniture from the door before going outside and opening the entry door. Of course she pushed it back into place after she went inside. Then I had to go out in my PJs and tell the new guy in the car that he could go in.
I wonder how this story is going to unfold…….. My own personal TV drama above my head!
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