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I have no idea which, if any, tires have "mold release." What I do believe (from firsthand experience) is some, not all, new tires are slick.

No vast experience here.But on one occasion after installing the wheel, I pulled out of my driveway and made an immediate 90* left (10mph or so). The front end washed out but I was able to recover. This was not because it was cold or the profile - it was slick. Nothing in the road. Returned to the house and cleaned off the tires. Awesome tire after I got some miles on it.

The tire was new. FACT
The tire was slick. FACT

Why was it slick? Mold release; grease from my hands; did the tire suddenly seat in the rim; alien tractor beam?? No idea. Nothing the OP posted "debunks" that experience even if what he posted was factual.

The OP tried to "debunk" one possible cause (mold release) and assume it would be the only possible cause. He also equates track/racing experience with recreational experience. This is flawed logic. I don't care how experienced somebody is, if their logic is flawed their conclusion is also likely flawed.

No mold release? Fine. Then my tire was slick for some other reason when it was new. Until I know why some tires are like this, I will continue to lightly sand the surface of all of them and make sure they get numerous heat cycles before I ride aggressively.
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