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Originally Posted by TheBlurr View Post
Ok I cannot take the idiocy any longer

Do you have warning stickers on anything you buy? YES why?
To avoid any kind of lawsuit, they will do anything to limit their responsibility within one. Sometimes within industry even when there is no chance because stupid rumors get started, as with this you still carry BS warnings.
Ask yourself, if you are a tire manufacturer even though you know it is BS, should some little butt stain eat shit right off what are his odds of a successful lawsuit without this warning?
Well if this forum is a jury then we would have your answer now wouldn't we?
Example when you are filling up at a gas station there is absolutely no way in hell your Cell phone can start a fire, however because enough brainless twits saw a video of a fire they believe it is true. Petrol companies get scared and just in case put up signs.
Its not, it cannot happen no way, no how feel free to do your research on it as well.

Now Lets go over something else, Mr Holsts Pedigree

  1. Roadraced from 1985-1998 with success in club,
    regional, Formula USA and AMA Pro racing
  2. Motorcyclist magazine Associate Editor and later went
    on to co-found Sport Rider magazine
  3. Team Manager of HyperCycle Suzuki AMA Pro
    roadracing team 1997-1998
  • Won AMA 750 SuperSport in the team's rookie
    season with Jason Pridmore
  • Recruited the little-known 16-year-old Nicky
    Hayden to his first professional paid ride
  • Chief Instructor and founding member of
    Jason Pridmore's STAR Motorcycle School 1998-2001
  • Chief Instructor and founding member of
    Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School 2001-2005
  • Freelance journalist, riding coach, curriculum writer,
    researcher and consultant with Sport Rider magazine,
    Buell and Harley-Davidson among others from 2005
    to present day. I've devoted a large portion of my life to observing, analyzing,
    theorizing and teaching riders of all ability levels. I've been
    privileged to create curriculums around World Champion
    racers and teach alongside them in U.S., Germany, France
    and Japan. I've taken that experience to create the
    Holst Ride Smarter School designed for riders of any ability
    level, on any type of bike to learn to ride smarter, safer and
    more confidently in any situation."

    So based on his career as not only a Racer but a Team manager, as Someone who founded schools for one of the most talented racing legends in the world. Spending years within the journalist community riding god only knows how many motorbikes all on fresh un scuffed tires he suspected just as another racer on this thread, that the Stories regarding the new tire slickness were BS.

    Now lets go over the reasons people think he is wrong

    1. most popular "My trusted mechanic said so"
    Ok so where did he get his information? Oh thats right he heard it and carried it forth as well,

    2. Well my tires feel slick
    I addressed that earlier as well as the mental aspect

    3. Well well sanding my tires has worked so far
    Really? So your comparison to riding a tire without scrubbing how now?

    4. My rear end slid out on me once 2 HOURS after I started riding, it had to be the film on the side of the tire, there is no other reason


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