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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
They fucking better be! I've sold quite a few bikes for them and helped Ducati accomplish from a branding/marketing/PR perspective what they couldn't have possibly done on their own. All at no cost, too.

As for the Scythes in the background--I just hope the grim reaper doesn't have any issues with it or I'm in big trouble!
It's cool. I'll send Loki by with the paperwork. (It's a stupid nick I've have for a very long time)

Just spent the last few days reading this adventure. Good stuff. Riveted to it to the point of having to be dragged away a couple times by my better half.
I was born in Detroit and it always makes me sad then angry when I see MSC and what's become of it. I'm old enough to have been in it before it was abandoned but it was still well beyond its hay day.
I'm trying to confirm but my cousin may have cooked one of your meals while you were there.
I wish I had caught this before you came through GA. I was actually in Savannah for work when you came through. Next time you make it out this way if your into aviation, the museum in Warner Robins is worth the stop.
It's funny how much bikes were apart of my parents lives till the 70,s and they have some incredible friends that have been wining racers and competed in events at Isle of Mann, held world speed records and even Dot Robinson that I was around as a child but how hard mom fought me getting a bike that it wasn't till this year I did. It took a wake up call that included a jump start and three stents for me to stop living to please others.

I managed to get to the Barber Vintage festival this year and it's hooked me in the same manner as it did you. What an amazing place.

Dreaming of taking off for a few weeks this spring after the read. It will be to my wife's surprise I may be sitting on Key west on New Year's Day if my wheel bearings get here in time. Eventually I'll get her out on it. lol
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