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Until someone here can visit EVERY single motorcycle tire manufacturing plant in the world and certify that the are 100% free of mold release, and certify that all mounting lubricants are free of any slippery substances, I am going to behave as if mold release is on my tires. I am pretty confident that the Shinko tires I use have mold release. For a fact they are slick unless cleaned buffed and gravel roaded. Not slick like ice, but half normal traction.

They are not racing tires, they are for the street. I have not been on racing tires in over 30 years.

The OP could regularly walk on water, have super human skills that negate the need for tire scuffing, hell he could have the ability to suspend the laws of physics. I am still breaking in my tires and recommend any other mere mortal break in their tires. In fact I have learned over the years that as soon as one puffs out their chest to show all their metals, there is no substance in their words.

This is as silly as ABS and motor oil arguments.

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