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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
From personal experience, I crashed my poor old CB750 coming out of mechanic's garage on new set of tires. Rear wheel spun and slid like it was on ice.

A bit older and wiser, when I sat on my recently purchased SV650, used from the dealer but with brand new tires, I made sure to do a bunch of figure 8s in their parking lot, as well as braking. Rear tire would lock up almost immediately with rear brake, only after a little bit of riding and gradually putting more force into braking, did it stop locking up, and I was comfortable to get on the street on it.

OP you can listen to all experts in the world, but personal real life experience trumps them all.
did the same out my driveway
very embarrassing
cold tyre
lesson be careful
when tyres are cold/new/greasy garage floor/worked on bike etc

merry xmas
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