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Ok, help me out Tuna. I didn't understand what you were saying. You don't use a mold release agent but then you said you sprayed silicone on all surfaces of the tires. When in the process does this get done? Why do you do it? Is it on the tire when it leaves your factory? I'm not trying to be a smart ass I really want to understand.
We have tried to use molds that were teflon coated (not really teflon but similar) and they did not work well. The silicone is sprayed on after the tire is assembled.

Contrary to belief, tires are not injection molded. Basically a tire is made of many layers wrapped around a drum. Tires start on a first step machine where they lay down the inner liner, nylon/polyester plies, set the beads, add another nylon/polyester layer, and sidewall. From there they go to another machine where the steel belts and tread are put on. Then they get sprayed with mold release before going to the press.

Those little rubber hairs you see on tires, are from the vents in the molds. The more intricate the tread and sidewall, the more of those vents, and after the molds are removed and cleaned someone has to drill out each and every one of those. It can take hours.
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