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Originally Posted by pfdskipper View Post
That's tough country for sure. I have unpleasant memories from a southerly approach to the same area, via the peaks. Could you tell if there was any link-up with the road through Edwards Park from where you were forced to abandon your route? I never encountered road closure signs from the south but mother nature had done some closing of her own that stopped me short of the target.

Nice write up, thx for sharing.
I think the Arizona Trail may link up from the south and hit Reno Road. I'd like to take the mountain bike up and try to get through. (Area seems to be open for hikers, horses and mt bikes, closed for motorized.)

Looking at the AZ Gazetteer, taking trails 69 to 68 to 66 would get you from El Oso road up on 4 Peaks right to old Camp Reno. I bet that is a "Mutha" though! Definitely GPS country! Probably more of a hiking route than M/C due to wilderness areas and super large boulder fields.

I don't recall seeing any offshoots on Reno road, but there were a couple of trails/roads at the Camp Reno end that we didn't try. Hmmmm.

I'm not familiar with Edwards Park, but I see an Edwards Peak on the map. Nearby?
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