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Rimutaka Pylon Track & Ocean Beach Road

On the run in to Rimutex I had to pull over not long after the Manor Park turn off, as I thought I’d punctured. Bryce tells me that the road has been breaking up just before where I stopped. Dunno. Maybe something stuck on the tyre. Maybe. Anyway, there was no damage & the tyre was good – but thanks anyway to the riders that pulled across to check that everything was good with Gus. It was appreciated.

A relaxed 10.30am start & a fine, relatively still (for Wellington) day meant a good turn out for this run, advertised (afaik) exclusively via Facebook. But guys, next time we might need to congregate over by the fence - the operators get annoyed if you block their forecourt.

I’m not sure what the Harley rider thought when he got surrounded by adv types at Rimutex.

I took it easy over the Rimutakas because I still wasn’t sure of what had happened back on the motorway, & I didn’t want any surprises on the hill. Also we seemed to ride off quite spread out, & I was content to wait for the others to catch up. But in the event, Darren was the only one that passed me. Scott, who followed me, was running Mitas CO2 tyres, & was conscious of limited grip. But I think maybe he got the better side of the equation once he hit the pylon track.

Regroup at the car park after the bridge, in the Featherston side, then into it. There was a variety of bikes on the run – please forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone, or gotten their names wrong: Daniel – Tenere 650; Colin – Tenere 650; Sam – Tenere 650; Chris – DR650; Ricky- DR650; Sam - DR350; Scott - KLR650; Bryce - KLR650, sporting a new old corbin seat; Ian – R1200GS; ? – G650 Dakar; Darren – F650GS (single); Me - R100GS

The guy on the Harley didn’t make it.

Chris had reported that the track had recently been bulldozed. I can report it’s still the same steep, snotty, rocky climb that it always has been. The biggish rocks on a hard base can make for an interesting ride up on a big bike, & a buttock clencher on the way down, especially when your brakes & tyres are a bit marginal.

Fabulous views on a nice day though. Last time I was up here we were lost in the clouds. This time you could see across to Lake Wairarapa, & the entire Rimutaka Hill road (on the Featherston side).

I took it easy, & caught Chris, Scott, & Daniel at one of the Pylons. Daniel had s stationary rollover moment (both sides) at the gate at the end of the track, initially because the side stand is too upright, & then when it fell over the other side when he got over enthusiastic picking it up. It bent the brake & gear shift levers, which needed a bit of modification before we could carry on (you need boxer cylinders – they protect everything & make it easier to pick up. DAMHIK.

Back at the car park, Chris, Scott, & Colin had already departed for the Akatarewa (they scrawled a note on the back of Sam’s van). The rest of the group was going to do Admirals Rd. Daniel, Stefan & I decided on a quickish trip to Ocean Beach & back (I hadn’t been June (Onoke Spit doesn’t count).

Interesting to note the sign on the gate – looks like our days of free access are about to be limited. Also noted the damage from the big storms on the scree slope.

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