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2013.12.15 Husky and unplanned Full Moon Ride

my 640 wasn't prepped up and could not ride, but glad i went and join the guys on my xr400 geared 15/50...for a 200 mile loop...yikes.

i got to the meetup place just to find out i left my riding pants and i'm going back home. btw, who the heck carries a spare pants when they go riding?......i could not laugh since big todd saved my day.

it proved that the xr400 is not a bad bike at all. i'm loving this bike more than my 525 exc.

at @ 8:30 am, a big group of bikes hanging out at the chevron gas station in pearlblossom

joel, your pant's awfully big for you

great to see ccer and spaniard here on this ride. yeah, it's about time.

a short pavement ride to the trail head

at this point, i bailed out again. my xr starts sputtering and dies. symptom indicates a fuel starvation. i told jim to go ahead and catch up with the group and i will go back to the truck.

i knew the carb is recently rebuilt, have a new fuel petcock, good fuel line and throttle cable working. what else could cause it. after a few minutes, the bike will fire up again. hmmm, could it be a clogged up vent on the fuel cap. lior mentioned to me that he doesn't like my tank vent because of problems a few weeks ago when we did the vegas ride. i pulled it off and started the bike. wow, bike is alive again....but the guys have been gone for at least 20 minutes. wtp, i have the tracks and i ride a honda...what else could go wrong. off i went and chased the PPs.

eventually, i catch them near lake mirage....wohoooo!

how could i miss that bright red jacket

this place is new to me and i like it already

the baja990 is at home in the desert

not sure if that is lake mirage

browneye leading and jim waiting

dirt everywhere

we caught up with rich's group and about to passed them

rob had a flat. thought of sticking around just in case.

didn't take a second to find the culprit ........huh

breaking a bead courtesy of a honda

meanwhile, i parked my beautiful bike in the middle of the road so ersin and his fellow lost riders could spot it. nada so we rolled and hopefully find them on helendale rd.

rich and ben

in less than 30 minutes, rob had another flat...wtp

having used up his spare tube, rob had no other choice. here's ben trying to patch it.

i volunteered to ride up ahead to catch the big group at the next rendevous point. gave my spare rear tube to rob before i left since the patch job didn't work.

waited here and texted ersin

and waited!
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