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Next day took the Rt 307 to Comitan and from there took a secondary road that meets with rt 218 before Ocosingo.

About 5 km before get to Ocosing, there was a road block with a tree trunk and two guys asking for a "cooperacion" to aid their needs... (drink?)

me: How much to let us thru man?

guy: 10 pesos...

akward silent....

me: o...kay... here you go..

guy: thank you!.. go ahead...

after that, JC still was having trouble with his rear tire flat, so Andres, we were re-inflate it every some miles, so finally at Ocosingo we stop at a "Talachera" to get the flats fixed..

While waiting for JC and Andres, a guy washing his truck told me that we should get prepared for road block right after Ocosingo. It was beng held by teachers protesting against the Educational Reform, and that no one was being allow unless pay a fee.
He said they will ask you at least 200 pesos or more.


so when Andres and JC were done, I told every one about it and I suggested to have in hand a 50 pesos bill, then another 50 pesos bill available if they wanted more, but not show a 200 bill, since they for sure would keep it all.

With that we got to the line of the road block, it was some 3 miles long, so we skipped the whole stuff and went at the very block point.

as soon as they saw us, they did throw across the road a very long 2x4 full of nails pointing up, and yell at us: stop! stop!
I'm second in the line, and see Efra in front that talks to a woman, looks like she is the one in charge to collect the pass, since she has a notebook and a pen... then I see Efra hand her money and go thru.

Then is my turn and same yelling: stop! stop! (like if I were in a sudden attempt to full throtle the KLR and take off over the de freaking nails...)

She started to explain me a bunch of me bla bla bla
I did not let her finished and asked with anger voice:

How much?

Ten pesos

..another akward silence (from me)

I sliped the 20 pesos bill in my tank bag, took of my glove and diged for a 10 pesos coin.

Got the her, and she wrote it down on the notebook... and gave me a cheerfull:

go ahead!

that pissed me off more that the drunked guys before.

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