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Originally Posted by traveltoad View Post
FTB... I really like your idea of using the R3 for important personal items when traveling, keeping thing dry and making it easy to keep those items with you at all times (even when off the bike). I have never really liked the idea of a waist pack, but the R3 is super comfortable so I think I will try it as I have an R3 that has never been used.

Traveltoad - That's where the R3 has found a perfect niche in my kit. I don't use it on day rides but when traveling it shines. On the bike it travels with the pack in the rear, when crossing borders the adjustment strap on the side is easily loosened to allow the pack to be swung around front for easy access to its contents for all the immigration and custom officials and the required paperwork and documentation.

When traveling about cities off the bike it travels in front so I can keep an eye on it. I have $5,000 US currency stashed for emergency's (helicopter evac, bribes for bad accidents, etc.) and some countries I'm in can be problematic so like to make theft a bit more difficult. I reckon when traveling in Baja like you do it would work really well.

R3 in about town mode.

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