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Originally Posted by Balkan Boy View Post
Hydro3 + R8 works well for me.
Even better since I moved the tools from the bum bag to the bike.

For longer day rides, I would only add a US5 to the backpack to keep spare clothes in.

Sir Jono and Balken Boy make the R8 look like my R3 in regards to size, haha. Even the large R8 looks minimal on you guys.

Sir Jono good to see another type 1 diabetic out enjoying life as it should. When I was diagnosed (aged 12) the medical experts frowned on my scuba diving, rock climbing etc saying it was too dangerous for diabetics. Luckily I learned how to handle the disease with my lifestyle and enjoy life. I talk to newly diagnosed diabetics often and am happy to see the medical field progressing and learning to help diabetics live a full life they enjoy.
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