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Originally Posted by fritzcoinc View Post
I'm not bashing this product, but here's the result of my first testing of the product.
I bought it on line using the ADV discount code " adventure" for $129.
Received it in 4 days ( Saturday ).
Charged phone, no problem.
Ran laptop, no problem.
I took it to work Monday knowing I had an acid test waiting. We have a JLG man lift with an industrial V4 gas engine. It is cold here, about 38 DF, the machine has a drained battery, and had been sitting that way for a few weeks.
Hooked up the cables, then plugged in a fully charger Micro Start. The machine turned over no problem but would not start. On the sixth crank the positive cable solder joint melted. Afterwards the unit showed three solid lights indicating the minimum cranking charge still remained and I think also that we did not over load the Micro-start battery unit during our acid test. I'll contact the seller for warranty of course.

Hey Fritz,

We will warranty it no problem... it reacted exactly as it should. The clamps melted because the load was to high for the unit. We have not testing on industrial motors, or other things outside of our industry.

So anyone interested in purchasing a MICRO-START... It works as intended absolutely and we will offer your money back if it doesn't.... BUT, it is intended for stock Auto and Trucks up to 400 Cubic inches, or Motorcycles and Powersports Vehicles. Outside of those parameters we don't suggest its use. We want happy and stoked customers, we made a pocket size jump starter and personal power supply but it is just that... a pocket size device with incredible power, but does have limitations. We will soon have larger beefier units designed for Diesels and more industrial applications, but a pocket size device really can't do somethings.... Please use it only as intended and you will have great results. Outside of that is a grey area and we don't want to oversell the product and get bad reviews.

We've had some really cool results and emails of people starting V-10s and other stuff, but honestly it is not intended for that use. Wait for our larger ones. But if you own a bike or average car or truck you will be blown away.

The smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries
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