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As above; more pics and info please! The video on your site doesn't show much, neither does Twitsted Throttle's site. Seems like a great idea, and I'm interested. Will a windscreen be damaged by removing the 3M pad? How waterproof/resistant is the bag? What type of zipper?
Were working on more Videos. Twisted Throttle is just coming out with their new Catalog and will have more info on Adventure Pockets. Removing the 3M Pad won't hurt your windscreen, but you can't use a steel putty knife. A sharp plastic blade works best and only to get it started. Then pull slowly with your fingers. There will be glue residue and the longer the pad is on the more residue. Use a good (3M makes one) Adhesive Remover. Best to remove the windscreen and soak the pad. Let it sit an hour and rub with a soft cloth. It usually takes a couple coatings but it will come clean. The motoPOCKET is now made of 1000 Denier Nylon with a interior spray lining. Were calling it Super Water resistant, because the zipper is not fully waterproof. I have ridden thousands of miles in the rain testing and have not had a problem. If my bike must sit out in the rain, say over night. I remove the Pocket and take it in the room.
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