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We were crossing the border in Mexicalli. I was apprehensive about crossing there, I was more comfortable with Tecate but this was the best way to return. Bruce was leading us through. Thank you Bruce.

I liked this fence.


We make our way through Mexicalli.


We stopped at a money exchange right before the border. When we came out we started down a street that looked like it dead ended right where the line was crossing the border and that line was longÖ.. Someone in a car stopped and told Bruce where to go saying there was a motorcycle lane and we could by pass the cars. We headed down a narrow alley and I though OK weíll see what happens here. Not far at all, maybe a block there was a break in the barricade and it was the motorcycle entrance. Lee was having a little bit of a problem getting through as her bags were just about too wide. With a little bit of wiggling and tilting she got through.

With all of us through the barricade Lee ended up being direct up front and a nice guard walked to where we needed to go to show us the way. It was a little strange how we came in to the motorcycle lane but it worked and thatís all that mattered. Lee pulled up to the guard at the border and he asked her a few questions then asked for her passport. She had to dig it out. While she was doing that another guard was telling the rest of us to have our passports ready. We all lifted our passports and showed them they were ready as we were laughing at Lee for not having hers ready. The guard started off looking guard grumpy but ended up laughing along with us.

Only a few basic questions were asked, passports checked and through the border we went.



When we left that morning we were figuring on getting further than we did. Bruce had told us about a Casino about half way between El Centro and San Diego that might be a good place to stay or maybe go on to just east of San Diego depending on the time. Well, it was later than we planned and we decided we should stay in El Centro and head to San Diego early the next day. Where we stopped to make the where to stay decision was about a half a block from a motel 6 so we just grabbed rooms there.

Bruce and Barry missed Nora and Didi and I think they were checking to see if they had heard from their sweathearts. They act all macho and stuff but they both have hearts of gold.


We had time to clean up or at least as clean as you can get with only dirty clothes available before we headed for dinner. Now that we were back in the United States we were ready to eat American food and I got to experience something I had heard of but hadnít tried yet.


Bruce and Barry gave us the low down on this place. Bruce grabbed a table and saved it for us while the rest of us went in. OK letís go in and check this place out.



Lee and I decided Becky needed a new hat.


We decided Barry needed one too. Doesnít he look sophisticated?


Bruce was spared the hat thing since he was nice enough to get us a table. That place was busy and I can see why, those burgers and fries were mmmm, mmmm, good.

We walked back to the motel, took care of things and called it a night fairly early. We planned to head out early the next day since Lee, Becky and I had flights to catch the in San Diego and we still had 100 miles to go. The ride should only take a couple hours but we also had to unloaded the bikes, load them on the trailer and load all the gear in the truck and get to the airport. . . . . .
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