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Day 9 Going home, Sunday 11-24-13
We were up early and got our bikes packed. Interesting that the gal checking us in put us in handicap rooms. I guess that goes with the AARP discount.

We didnít park there through the night the bikes were only there long enough to load them in the morning.

Becky and Lee were eating in their room (oatmeal) meanwhile Bruce, Barry and I headed to McDonalds for breakfast and senior coffee.


Lee is ready to go.


Headed for San Diego with Bruce in the lead since he knows where he is going.



As we were climbing the hills to Crestwood Summit and Laguna Summit Lee and my 200s were struggling to keep the speed up. The road is a fun road filled with sweepers and Bruce kicked it up to have some fun on the road (He waited for us at the top).



At the top of the hills we stopped to warm up. It was much cooler here than it had been in Baja. Barry would be leaving us before getting to San Diego.
Barry saying goodbye to Becky.



Barry passed all of us and waved good bye.


There goes Barry. Bye, see you next time.


We made it to San Diego. I had to get the Hotel Circle sign for Kootenai Rider.

My GPS wasnít any good for navigating in Baja but it kept track of the miles. For being out 9 days we sure didnít ride many miles but had one heck of a good time. Becky and Lee had about 50 more miles since they had the ride to Cocoís Corner that the rest of us didnít do.


Now it was time to get out of our riding gear, get the bags off the bikes and load the bikes on the trailer.



We got them all on the trailer.



The two Suzukis are getting mighty friendly with each other.


We got all our gear in the back of the truck. We didnít pack it as nicely as Nancy did but we got it in there.


We had everything packed and had enough time to be able to walk across the street to the Marina for lunch and more American food.


It sure was nice to have a salad.

Lee had a salmon salad and boy did that look good too.

Hey Barry, we thought about you.

While in Baja none of the tables had pepper on them and Barry kept looking for pepper so we found him some pepper in San Diego.

We got a picture of all of us together, too bad we didnít get another one while Barry was still with us.

Bruce hugs Becky good bye.


Bruce would spend a few days in S. CA then haul our bikes back to Spokane. Becky, Lee and I caught the shuttle to the airport to catch our flights home. Becky and I to Spokane and Lee to Missoula.

Becky and my flight was delayed and would be taking off at about the same time as Leeís. We were on Southwest and she was on Delta. As we are taxiing down the runway we saw the plane Lee was on. We waved to her and Iím sure she saw us and waved back.


Another pretty sunset seems to be a perfect way to end a wonderful trip.
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