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who said 3 months? Hahaha!
It would be great if it could be done that fast. Of corz, By all means, I'd like to hope so, but straw bale structures are infamously work-intense. This one should be a mid-budget self-sufficient, off-the-grid, white, gray, black water system-ed, rain and dew-collecting, solar-paneled 3 bedroom house. Roads are concrete, but any truck over 1.5 tons won't be able to make it the last 1.5km up the top. Bends are too tight, and the road pretty steep. The closest HomeBox is 25km away. We DID already rebuild 2 farm houses there in the past, taking resp. 2 months and 7 months to finish, be it those were done under 1000USD budget.
For this project, you'd probably be looking at 6 months or so, rather than 3 months, sister. Naturally, there'll be more help, and assistance in the form of machinery at times, but this isn't a mountain cabin we'll be building. Still, considering your own dreams about having an organic home yourself one day, this should make for a great learning experience. I should have had a similar experience before myself, but regrettably, this is it, haha!
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