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Originally Posted by Reidy008 View Post
I know we saw a few trails heading south but no idea if they link up. WOuld be up for another exploration ride if needed.
Originally Posted by azredline View Post
I think the Arizona Trail may link up from the south and hit Reno Road. I'd like to take the mountain bike up and try to get through. (Area seems to be open for hikers, horses and mt bikes, closed for motorized.)

Looking at the AZ Gazetteer, taking trails 69 to 68 to 66 would get you from El Oso road up on 4 Peaks right to old Camp Reno. I bet that is a "Mutha" though! Definitely GPS country! Probably more of a hiking route than M/C due to wilderness areas and super large boulder fields.

I don't recall seeing any offshoots on Reno road, but there were a couple of trails/roads at the Camp Reno end that we didn't try. Hmmmm.

I'm not familiar with Edwards Park, but I see an Edwards Peak on the map. Nearby?
Edwards Peak is adjacent to Edwards Park. You reach E Park via fs road 422. The road starts up top by the towers on four peaks, heads due north, ending at Edwards Park, 11 or so angry, brutal miles later. It also can be a very icy stretch of road this time of the year. After looking at G.Earth, it appears that the trail-head that begins at Edwards Park, leads right to where your road was blocked. I think its been closed to vehicle traffic since the last big burn. I'd wager the untried roads you mention tied into the 422 some time in the past, before the closures???
I was hoping for an alternative route without going back to Oso rd, It appears to be a no-go unfortunately. I might be on an archery hunt there in Jan, I'll verify and report back.
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