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The difference in angle between both wheels on the ground & on the centerstand isn't that much, esp relating to oil level on the dipstick.

Set your oil level (per the manual) and note where the oil level appears on the disptick when not fully threaded in to the tank- it's only going to be the 12mm or so (length of the threads) different. Once you know your bike & can quickly check it to make sure you aren't losing/using any it's easy to keep up. No helpers required, no time spent turning the dipstick.

FWIW I always check the level right when I get home after a ride. You can check before you ride next time to see how much oil leaks past the check valve in the tank; in the "bad old days" dry sump engines could fill the crankcase creating hydraulic lock and it can happen to us, if to a usually lessor degree.

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Well, with my 990 on the center stand, the back tire is about 5 or 6 inches off the ground
The 950/990(Adv/S/R) barely gets the rear off the ground (with stock 21"/18" wheels)... pictures?

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It's not rocket science, just have oil in it, and it will run.
Agreed. Just don't run it empty or overfill it; it doesn't take much to keep these engines running. Most of the oil capacity of these engines is to allow air in the oil to escape & to cool the oil.
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