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Originally Posted by kaosbandit View Post
New blog post. My wife's first ride in the twisties!
Great read, thanks for posting.

I took my wife for her first solo ride in the twisties back in may. She did great until about half way up to the Caesars Head overlook on 276, then she lowsided in a hard left hander... To say that it was really horrible is a true understatement. She was wearing all of her gear with the exception of jeans instead of riding pants. (They were out off her size when I went to buy her some.. I still feal bad for not getting them sooner.) Despite wearing riding boots she managed to break her left ankle. She's doing a lot betting now.

Her GS500 made out ok, just cosmetic damage to the fairings, so I stripped them. Having a hell of a time selling that thing on Craigslist if you know anyone looking for a $1000
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Originally Posted by POLLOCK28 (
From what I understand from frequenting various forums you are handling this critisim completely wrong. You are supposed to get bent out of shape and start turning towards personal attacks. Get with the program!
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