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Originally Posted by NomadBoy View Post
Dearest Sister!
I was kinda surprised to read about your plan to build a hobbit-like house in Taiwan.
Haha Kenneth! You should have been NomadBro!
Thanks for the post, however, you misunderstood my post about the hobbit house. It's not going to be mine but Stan's!
He was offering to pay for my ticket there and some pocket money to help him built a "hobbit-like" home for him Rikki and Fela I have no intentions to live in Taiwan. However, I've seen some gorgeous photos of the country.
So if I were to go there, it would only be for a short while.
I do speak a few words of Mandarin
Languages have never been a problem for me, I spoke Hebrew fairly fluent after having spent 6 months in Israel. I think Taiwanese might be harder, but I'd be able to learn enough to get by for a while.
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