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Little ride to the lake

Another spontaneous ride that turned out well.

Generally I leave on my rides give or take a little around sun up. In the winter I sleep in a bit but if I haven't left by 9 am I figure the day is good as done. So the day after Christmas was one of those unmotivated mornings for me. I tell myself "just get on the bike and you'll be glad" but somehow another coffee wins. Out of nowhere it's 11 AM so I already shift my thinking to the next day. For whatever reason I gave myself the life-is-short speech so lets salvage what's left of the day.

Sure, a quick run to the gold country. Bike is heading east and I follow, debating which area sounds bests. No intentions of it being a photo run (even though I always have my eye out). Besides, boring clear sky, not what I like for photography. Lets ride. This one will be undocumented.

For those who know the area, I made a real nice loop from, pool station, Jesus Maria, Railroad Flat (something strange goin on in that town) with intentions of heading over to Volcano, but when I got to the main hwy I felt a pull to go higher in the mountains and look around a little.

Rode up to Silver Lake. Stopped there before in many conditions and never really have been happy with the photos. This day was different. Little snow, lots of ice and water levels about as low as I've seen all inspired me to pull the camera out of the Jessies.

It was an easy walk on the frozen lake as long as I stayed on the snow. The ice between these snow islands had me looking rather awkward I'm sure. People brought chairs out and were ice skating. I think I was the only one out there with motorcycle boots on.

Had good conversation out there on the ice with this skater that was more than glad to let me practice my action photography on her.

Almost sunset and I figure the black ice will be forming soon after, better head out. Caught a glimpse of this and couldn't go.

Tryin to be all artsy and stuff.....

By this time I'm a lost cause. Maybe I'll need those ice skates for the road but this is to good to leave now. I'll stick around for one more.

To think I almost sat on my ass all day, instead, more life long memories made.
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