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New user here, signing up just to say this was an incredibly inspiring journey! I'm really glad you made this thread as I'm now looking forward to my own tour of the US, though that may not happen for a good 5 to 10 years yet, lol (I'm young and poor, sue me).

I was happy you got around to Montreal as I live there. It's a great city and so is the surrounding region despite Quebec roads not being in the best condition.

I was surprised you didn't make it out to the maritimes, though. I and my buddies did the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia this summer and I believe you really missed out on an epic and beautiful trail with some of the best twisties ever! I'm sure you've been through some awesome roads on your trip, but if you ever head back up there, it's definitely something to check out!

Said buddies and I are in our mid-20's, so we don't exactly have much money, but we're making do with sports bikes from the 80's and still managing to get in some good trips here and there. Nothing like this, though. We'd really like to just travel all over the world, but... you know... resource constraints and all that make it tough to do more than one big 1- to 2-week trip per year. Your trip's been hella inspiring, though. Giving us early cabin fever by not being able to ride in winter and all that.

Anyway, although I've read up to page 100 to far (and I may have missed it), I haven't really seen an in-depth write-up about the bike. I think you mentioned making one at some point, though I haven't spotted it. I think it would be really cool if you did one!

Well, just wanted to say all that. Good luck on your future trips, eh? Keep on biking.
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