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Twisty - we hit the rain - at just the right time. We did a "go-at-your-own-pace" on a great stretch of road - it was so much fun we did it twice! I hung with two guys - literally shoulder to shoulder - it was a blast! One guy - Michael was obviously a motorcross racer back in the day - throwing his leg straight past his front tire - looking for a berm on every turn. He played with me and the other guy. I ate a lot of rooster gravel from the other guy - but loved every minute of it! I could feel my skills growing by every turn!

Then the rain came - and we all called it quits. That was when I learned that our sweep rider was named "Papa Joe". Michael - his son - who seemed to be my age - told me that Papa Joe was 78 years old!! Wow. Now that is a man!

Steve and I rode the southern route home. In lieu of a rain jacket I pulled a bud light box out of the trash can at the BP in Eton. Using my straps from my back pack I created a cardboard chest plate. Worked like a charm! Steve suggested I seek sponsorship from Budweiser...

Short, cold and wet - but overall a good day of riding!

On another note - I am shopping for a mountain bike - to help me get in shape and sharpen my dirt riding skills. Anyone know of a good deal? I'm 5'8 and looking to spend in the neighborhood of $500...
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