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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
I wake up refreshed but... early!
To THE LOUD SOUNDS OF BIKES... LOTSA BIKES! Seems the Redwoods Rally just let out and maaan I guess these fuckers don't party hard on the last night, because they are up WAAAAY too damn early!
I can't ignore hundereds of big twins, of course mostly Harleys roaring by at day break (you'da thought they knew I was sleeping under the trees and purposely hammered by the dumb ass dirty bike rider trying to sleep, geeeesh! ) this went on for a couple hours, sooo I get up... pack up my bag and roll into the Peg House for some good food.. and service from the puuurrty giirls!

I'll use a couple pics from last year here...

Yup NorCal is puuurrty Pot friendy.. and I'm ok with that!^)-

And the electric shirt...

After.. you guessed it... some goood conversation, I do as when in Rome, and partake of the kind..... then calmly roll North toward Garberville and my cutoff Alderville rd up over the hills onto Zenia Bluff rd and then Zenia Ruth rd to Ruth Lake and the Journey's End Bar, General Store and Restuarant. After that more back roads like Hwy 36 (one of the top 10 bike roads in the country! ) and then Platina road into Redding (another dooosy) where I'll stop in to see Rick at Mayers Cycle to get my seat tweaked a bit.
Gotta tell you... YOU NEED TO DO THIS RIDE! From basically the Bay up 1 to Garberville then over these roads to Redding.... heck there are a TON of fun roads back in here man !!!!
I plug in my earbuds twist up the tunes and roll through the big trees...

With my head full of smoke I'm not railing hard yet... just taking in the scene... and scenery.

Cross the Eel River near the roads namesake Alderpoint, then back up into the hills...

Now is where you pic up Zenia Bluff rd and it's part dirt, part asphalt... PERFECT for an Enduro bike... I love it!
I see some Condors... over a dozen ( ok this is a bit North of their range but I didn't notice the Red heads of the North American Turkey Vulture sooo to be more romantic let s just call these young Condors) The largest bird in North America weighting up to 26lbs and living 80yrs!
They seemed to call to me as I ride under them at about the peak of the Bluff...

So I just layed down in the middle of the road and watched them swirling above me................................. for like 20 minutes.

A perfect day to just lay here.....

Then they started to land above me in this tree...

After soaking that all in and feeling pretty connected I roll on again...

Forgot to mention the moon was out too...

After more twist fest... I'm coming out of the smoky haze now sooo I've been wicking it up more and more, I come to the Journey's End. Aaah can't wait to see who's here this year, after last years family like welcome and subsequent smoke out!

I get some coffee and O.J. plus a bite to eat... the barkeep is new to me, soo I just fill her in a short bit of my stop in last year, Trish's(the owner) daughter is running around cooking etc.. that's a treat for my eyes.

Remembering the mirror carvings... but with new attitude.

After everythings all full I roll on...
I had lubed the chain when I pulled in and it was still hot.... now I do a tire check and and get a pic of the tire, juuust sooo you'll know the twistiness of these roads! I spose I had wicked it up a bit earlier than I told ya. LOL Now were getting the flat slab center wear from the Desert off these tires.

I actually pull over for this shot... and while I do I hear a bike coming up the valley somewhere below me? Maan it sounds goood. kinda Ducati ish! And they dooo sound good ya gotta agree.

After the pic, a piss and getting back on the bike the guy rolls by... I quick slap her in gear and decide to see what he or she is made of...

He passes this car and it's on.... he can ride and I'm having a BLAST! He tucks it in hard in every turn like it's a track day and I start to go flat track style with my inside leg hanging waaay inside to keep up with a much faster bike. Some of the turns are 25 and 35mph we're taking them at 70mph... at least I am! He can pull me a bit on the straights but in the turns I actually close it up on him riding a fucking KLR with knobbies Laugh Out Loud! The ass slides out twice in this 20 or so turn little contest since it has no choice when you push it this hard, I just keep in it lifting enough to get her all hooked up again. After about 3 miles of this he pulls over and waves me on.... can't blame him since it's NO fun to have someone riding your ass... hahahahahaha!

Now I have clear road ahead and put distance between us.... Sorry for the glove fingers all over the pic i was pumped.

Any way back down in the valley it flattens out and I see a General Store with gas and stuff, soo I pull in all pumped up on ADRENALINE!
He pulls in followed by about 5 other guys all on sport bikes, he's on a naked Ducati, he can't believe what he just saw and on the bike I'm riding! He says at first he thought it was a guy on a BMW or something as he passed me pulled over, do to the side boxes and stuff, but as soon as I pulled up on his rear tire he said he knew that wasn't the case. His buddy walked over and said "Maaan are you crazy?" "I saw your ass end sliding out and thought you were going down!" I told him that's how it is on knobbies sometimes and you just ride it out... they both shook there heads, we talked some more with a few crazy stories thrown in for good measure, then I walked into the store.

I didn't take the group pic because I didn't want to seem like I was saying "yup just blew past these guys.. here's their pic" But on second thought I shoulda taken one....

It's the Famous "Wildwood Cafe" just down the road from Wildwood...

Jim, Diggin this report bro.
This is my stopping grounds.
Had to tell you, sadly, the Wildwood Cafe has BURNED TO THE GROUND.
I have pics, cant really find them now, but happed very soon after you were there.

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