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It's less charming but much safer now. Even Medjet covers Mexico now. Mexican safety then is about like Cambodian safety is today. Rules were very relaxed.

When I returned to Mexico on the bike in 1984 I went scuba diving in Akumal, on the mainland near Cancun. My girlfriend and I hadn't completed our Naui training back in Vancouver yet, so we didn't have diving certificates and told the resort's dive shop that. He took us diving anyway! I was young and naive and didn't fully appreciate the risks we were taking. Money talked.

When we were down nearly 100 feet on our first tropical dive, my girlfriend saw a Queen Conch and pointed to it. The divemaster attached it to a recovery balloon and sent it up to the surface where the dive boat collected it. The dive shop removed the animal for dinner and cleaned up the giant shell for us as a souvenir. They did this all the time for all their customers, they said. Not only was there no diver safety, there was no concern for conservation and preservation for future divers to enjoy. I schlepped a beautiful, heavy, fishy-smelling Strombus Gigas shell on the back of the bike back to Vancouver via Guatemala and Belize. In 1992 that species was listed in Schedule II of the CITES "Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora" and I would be breaking the law to carry it out of the country without a permit, let alone across six international borders.

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