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Intermittent Neutral Light

Sorry in advance for resurrecting the dead.

The info on the forum has been a great help with the NSU unit on my DR.

As instructed by all web notifications from other DR650 owners Karl has taken out the clutch basket found the NSU and "lock tight" in the possible offending bolts. They aren't going anywhere now.

So I took her out for a spin yesterday and the neutral light is working. However as the engine gets warmer the neutral light at first decides to work intermittently and then not at all.

After about 1 hour, I stopped for about 15 mins got back on and the neutral light is working again but then starts this whole "will I work this time or not" rubbish.

I have no doubt that the NSU bolts are stuck fast but I'm now thinking that it's heat related (all the electrics have been checked and there are no issues).

Can anybody shed some light (sorry for the pun) to the issue.

Thanks heaps,
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