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After riding my 99 LC4e for 32,000 of trouble free service, I went off and bought an 04 SMC a week ago. I'm used to getting 100 miles on my LC4e before reserve. My SMC get's 75 miles before reserve. As with most new bikes, I've been doing the 1.5 hour lunch rides along with back and forth to work. I've had to hit the gas station everyday since I bought the thing.

My bike has the full Akro exhaust and it came with the Mich. Pilot tires front and rear. I'm not much of a road racer, but they seem to grip very nice, except for painted surfaces. Twice I have had my heart in in my mouth when they slipped a little on paint.

I rode my LC4e back to back with my SMC and observed the following. The High Flow head and FCR carb make this LC4 motor more snappy in the mid and haul the mail on the top end over my 99 LC4 motor. At WOT, the BST will make the same power as the FCR, it just takes a second for the slide to get max air flow.

The full Akro system on the SMC makes my 99 LC4 motor with its IDS2 slip on, is so quiet! The BST on the 99 motor seems so mild mannered during normal driving, versus the 04 SMC that is like a caged animal at anything less than wide open. The 99 motor is a little easier to drive day to day with its milder manner's.

post the results of the larger tank, I'm interested in upgrading ASAP.

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