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Originally Posted by randel View Post
Well, I would say if 800XC freaks you out offroad, then don't expect 990 to be very different there. It's same weight and will behave quite similarly to Tiger - they are both 200+kg bikes though.
Of course KTM's suspension is way more capable, but that won't make a difference until you are going really fast.
But of course having more bikes is always a good thing so go for it!
I beg to differ slow fast or whatever the suspension makes a huge difference. Not to mention you dont have an extra 2 feet of bike in front of you. To me the XC is no where near the same class as the 990. The specs say they are close but ride one then ride the other you wont think so. Nothing against the tiger (cause I have its big brother) but 990 will just get dirtier better
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