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Thumb Labrador aaaand Newfoundland...WoooHooo!!!

Ok sooo where are we?!?!??? Yup yup back in PA for a wonderful visit with Sherri and a short break in the action.
I get to doing some maintenance on Des' such as new wheel bearings and fresh tubes and tires... then a compression check shows that the 9-12,000mi old big bore with cams and other mods has cylinder leakage somewhere around 28%.
I had felt a drop off of power even though she'd still wheelie at will and pulled hard, yet for this ride which would put me a few miles off the beaten path at times on the Trans-Lab, I decided to swap in the old 705 which I had ridden out to Moab with back in May of this ride. It had the stock higher geared tranny in it (which would be nice in the long open spaces) and had about 17,000 miles on it total, it only leaked about 7-8%. I had re rung it about 4,500mi ago and felt it would be the best choice for this ride.

So this finds me in this familiar position again... Sorry phone pics.

Old new kickstart 705cc coming out...

New old 705cc back in...

After all is done I prepare for re-launch. I have been in touch with Esther (NomadGal) and she's coming this way on trip to the Northeast heading to Key West, she's up north of me and we learn that there is a KLRWorld gathering of sorts going on in the Northwestern part of PA. She will attend that ride/campout and I will meet her as well as some fellow Forum members on there way there... I talk to Terry (Gunny) and we all arranged to meet up, just under the PA/ New York line, near Mansfield I believe. Cool Beans a chance to put faces to names, see Esther again, and my 5yr plan to ride Newfie comes to pass.
~ A disclaimer to any who might take offence at the usage of Newfie... it's a shortened namesake with all good intention and NO negative meanings implied or intended! I will use it as it was spoke to me by the KIND folks of the Beautiful Island of Newfoundland, always with love and a smile. So please don't be offended by it, I mean no disrespect.~

Another send off by my Angelical wife Sherri Lynn... the look in her eyes haunts me now everytime I try to leave her side.

I can only wonder what was going through her mind?!?!?!?!!??

We can never truly know what another person's perception of us, an event, or reality itself... really is!!!??? It takes a deep connection to ourselves and our world/ worlds to even glimpse a bit of that truth... even then it occurs to us... that we really haven't a clue.

As I wean my gaze from the world in her eyes, I take to the road as a bird takes to the air... and am instantly gone from her reality.

The images of other worlds start to fill my lense...

These are the rolling farm lands of this region and they are... beautiful.

Nothing especially special here, but this is sometimes how I ride about... looking onto people and places, intrigued by how they exist. In this case noticing the stone in the structure and wondering of the quarry's location. If the stone looks more rounded I look for river bottom lands, sand and/ or glacial movement. Also the structural and chimney damage... how did it occur, cause, if repairs are scheduled and perhaps when . Of course only a fraction of this information is registering in my conscious mind at the moment of the picture, it's more of an interest or awareness and an opening up to possibilities. A way to feel where I am in space and time compared to other objects in this space and time. I suspect we all find ourselves doing this at some level.

Shortly Des' and I find ourselves near the Mansfield Walmart and await the rest of the group... Shortly they arrive and I get to see Pete-(Pwest) again as well as Esther and Gunny, then meet new to me Glenn-(Oldstove) and Lynn all on KLR's.

For some reason they wouldn't park within' a mile of Des' and I

We mosey across the street to Grandma's Diner to fuel the bodies and enjoy sharing some great stories...
At this point they let me park with the gang... I enjoy seeing 40% of the bikes sporting Britannia Fairings!

Gunny straight across, Pete on his right, Glenn on his right, Lynnn with her back to us and Esther filling out the circle.

I think Esther did most of the story telling:)

Sure looks like she's got the guy's attention at this point...

Soon it's time to suit up and let everyone go their own ways, The gang heading Southwest to camp in the Allegheny National forest... me heading to the Northeast to crash with friends in the Daks. Gunny gives Esther and I a couple of his new sticker creations... I love them. "The only Destination... is Self Discovery".

A video of the exodus...

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