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Originally Posted by Boon Booni View Post
What's the normal outcome for an accident?
A few bruises and grazes, then they pick up the bike and carry on, usually. Occasionally a bit worse, but not often. Being light weight, the laws of physics mean that chances are youngsters suffer less injury than adults.

Most folks here are not thrill seekers punting their bike along at high speed, carving corners and probing the limits. They are just getting around on a vehicle that makes economic and ecological sense.

In a few years that young fellow will be riding himself, maybe with a girlfriend or a couple of mates on board. As a bullet-proof (but not kevlar clad) youth he may get pissed up and ride more boldly than is wise. He/they may join the rather appalling statistics on Phuket's mean streets.

If he survives those daredevil years, he too will probably become the father of a kid, whose first ride on a motorcycle will probably be within weeks, if not days of being born.
there are old motorcyclists and bold motorcyclists
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