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Originally Posted by Desert Dave View Post
Hey, me to!

The Bonneville is a LOT of fun. I think I had more fun modding it than riding her though

It was never going to be a "serious" rider for me. Something to get me back to my roots a little...something that makes the right sounds and is shiny....and just plain cool And it delivers on all of that.

If you get one DO the TTP airbox mod/pipes/ecu tune unbelievable difference in the response I went through the suspension as well.

Here's where the problem is, I just don't fit on this bike. But I knew that. My intentions were the furthest this thing would go is my local loop out to the Junction, maybe 150-200 mile day tops. And here is where the problem is, this bike is an absolute gas on a twisty road, unfortunately where I would ride this 90% of the time is some pretty rough road and the suspension just isn't up to the task. I've spent more corners doing the full tilt boogie with the rear wheel hopping in the air than I care to admit If my local road was a bit smoother I wouldn't consider selling it. But I've found I just don't get excited about riding it.

And then I do a quick spin on her and I'm grinning ear to ear again......

Thanks! Basically its a throw back for me. The first bike I ever rode on at 3 years old was a 67 bonnie. Thinking of getting a bonnie and keeping it shinny and pretty. Mainly a low miles, beautiful day only bike. My S10 is my work horse, this would be my top down cruise to the ice cream shop bike if that makes sense?

Great photos. Keep it up please!
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