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Originally Posted by COXR650L View Post

So I got the DR350 sold that is going to fund the 950 and I got some money buring a hole in my pocket

I've decided I am not going to crack the case and just pull the top end. Bike shifts and runs good (minus the oil leaks) so I hope that is the right decision.

I have ordered the following misc parts:
-Front and rear wheel seals
-Swing arm seals
-New battery
-New grip heaters

and these engine parts:
-Complete KTM gasket kit
-2 Middle piston rings
-2 oil scraper rings
-2 Piston rings
-Oil pump pressure piston/spring assembly

and am going to be ordering:
-front/rear Cam Chains
-Cam chain sliders
-Water pump rebuild kit
-Radiator hose kit
-New tubes
-Front/rear tires

Am I forgetting or missing anything that needs to be addressed while the engine is out? Or the bike torn apart?

Hopefully this weekend the tear down will start

That sounds like a winner. I have the same year and color. If you have the blisters on the tank just pop them, don't fuck ip the entire tank like I did.

The only thing I can think of is maybe a fuel pump. It's on the outside so no big deal.

They are great motorcycles.
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