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Great Film

Just watched the movie after my son gave me the DVD as a Christmas gift! We live 'in the sticks' and both knew it'd likely never show in our local theatres...and so he blew me away by making sure I have a copy. Now, I'm gonna get him one too.

I thought the film was excellent...with all the diversity out there in our motorcycling world, there's bound to be some who will think it misses the mark...their mark. I thought it covered many powerful aspects of why we do love riding, and was well done. I believe it can be a powerful tool to invite more into our way of life too...near the end it was mentioned that there's a 'seed' in many of us...the seed of being a motorcyclist. When something comes along to 'water' that seed, we are hooked. I think this film may encourage many to join us. I plan on inviting all my friends to see this...well done!
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