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Day 6 The sea is still far........ even further away than yesterday

Tag 6

Stage: Satu Mare – Morisei 210 km
Losses: 40 million brain cells randomly distributed over the participants of yesterday evening. Beast of Bourbon
Description: Short and pleasant wellness tour along the Ukrainian border by the drought finally reached.

You see it in the daily output, according to the cozy rioting over the roofs of SatuMare, we have it the next morning not quite so urgent as on the preceding days.

The KTM Ibuprophen (I have described in my blog), otherwise praised for their hard response, do not want quite diffuse into the thick blood.
We cruise through the country and are impressed by the good roads (no kidding), the many new buildings, the endless wedding parties and the miraculous ..... beautiful costumes.

At first I thought it would be a holiday or custom to marry this Thursday, but it was much easier because the wedding celebrations simply take from Thursday to Sunday.
The product of road conditions and scenic beauty remained mostly constant, and culminated in a Kilomter long cobblestone strip, which was set up by the Romans through the beautiful fields of sunflowers.

Very striking (significant?) are the magnificent buildings of the Orthodox Church, which shoot out of the ground everywhere..

and know how to impress powerful from inside and outside

In addition, the begging gypsy children who live with their parents in the woods and live off the sale of berries and mushrooms , seems to be almost spat out from a parallel universe.

In general I have ever visited a country, in which the gap between rich and poor is so obvious gaping wide apart as here. But for what I write more in the conclusion.

Slowly, it was later afternoon and we treated ourselves to a break on a mountain monastery.

Surprised, I was on the great barbecue places before the monastery church. Could almost be a Ursaarländische invention.

A barbecue was an unfamiliar word inscribed on the other was "MORTI"

Well, sometime's it became clear to me that these covered things , unfortunately, serve a different purpose.

The monastery was next to the two small church buildings also from a kind of open gallery, which included an open-roofed altar. The freely accessible building was richly decorated and worked in unfiltered sunlight almost surreal.

In perfect weather we visit the merry cemetery in Sapanta. That you should just googling (do you say googling?), because this location has already been ninimum 100 times described and min. 100 times certainly better than I could.

The day ripples (saying) so to himself, and then in the evening announces the splashing of the rain by the end of the shortest period of drought in Romania.

Unfortunately, the possible accommodations were all a little off, were occupied because of the many wedding guests

or were temporarily indisposed

And we have to move to some different places, until we finally find a hotel in Morisei on the main street. The landlord was rather a bit grumpy, but he gave us two rooms.

One of them, namely mine, was still decorated with pizza residues and wine bottles. So we waited another 20 minutes. The benefit of that the action was, that we were allowed to park in the dugout and our cycles were no longer seen of the road,and we received two Welcome Desperados.

You know in Romania, so we were even reports that the boxes are stolen immediately.
What has annoyed me the whole trip was that we had always pay the room in advance . Maybe we saw just not trustworthy enough of. But the rooms were great value price, super clean and the food was plentiful and delicious, which significantly differentiates itself from palatable.

So I must now to bed and collect engergy. Tomorrow after breakfest we went in heavy terrain for the first time and crossing the Prislop pass.

Sorry for the lousy translation
I want to die asleep like my grandfather...
....not screaming like his passenger
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