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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
I think often it is the 'build quality' that leads them to believe it may be British... (sarcasm)

Or the fact that Germany doesn't start with a B. 'Bayerische' isn't exactly a word heard every day...
Funny story related to that. Took our sons to Europe to ride about 10 years ago and flew out of Toronto, on the way back my eldest was driving a 2nd car with his fiancee and one brother, he got to the US border and presented his passport, the Immigration officer asked how long he had been in Canada and for what yada, yada, yada. Son told him, they he just flew back from Munich, and was heading home. Officer leafs through the passport and starts to question him more, he said why isn't there a German stamp on your passport? My son says there is, officer hands it to him and says "show me" he flips to the page with the "D" and says here it is, officer says, "you told me you were in Germany", that is a "D", son looks at him and says ever heard of Deutchland!!! Officer says "Oh" have a nice day.
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