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does basing your moulding on a downed tank mean that it will fit the downed tank best and not one with all it's material? or was the downed tank just superficial damage?

How about a good ole' dremel on the edges? You could also contact BigTwin (he made CF/kevlar guards for the 950 folks) for his finishing secrets.

Here is a source for the orange/black weave (hybrid fabric):
They also have green, yellow, red, and blue (2000 tanks eh?)
I haven't bought anything from this company so this isn't an endorsement.

Originally Posted by above link
************** Important Notice *******************
Due to the worldwide carbon fiber and Kevlar shortages we may not always have full roll quantities in stock. We are presently able to continue supplying some cut yardage lengths shown below. We will try to keep our website updated with current availability issues as they arise. Thank you for your understanding.
You could use part #2 (aluminum) as your bracket to attach to the guard after curing...
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